Journal of Science and Technology for Sustainable Development (JSTSD), 2020

West Yangon Technological University, Yangon, Myanmar CALL FOR PAPERS

Paper submissions are now open for Journal of Science and Technology for Sustainable Development (JSTSD 2020). JSTSD is a university research, multidisciplinary journal which will publish original research in innovations, and integrated solution for sustainability and development in all areas of science, technology, and engineering education.


  1. Renewable Energy
  2. Engineering Science and Technology
  3. Environmental Engineering
  4. Information and Communication
  5. Technology (ICT)
  6. Engineering Education and Development


  • Submission Deadline: 15.Nov.2020
  • Notification Date: 7.Dec.2020
  • Payment Due: 10.Dec.2020


All accepted papers will be published on Dec. 2020. A journal book will be provided for each author.
Remark: Plagiarism is not permitted more than 30% in the author’s paper.
We will send reviewer’s comments to you and you can send us the updated paper within a week. And then the reviewer team will reply whether they are accepted or rejected via email: [email protected]

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