Daw Swe Zin Tun

Chemical Engineering

Food Tech, Instrumentation & APC

Department of Chemical Engineering,West Yangon Technological University


[email protected]


PhD (Candidate), 12th Batch, YTU, 2018-2020
ME ( Chemical Engineering ), MTU, 2011
BE ( Chemical Engineering ), TTU, 2006
B.Tech ( Chemical Engineering ), TTU, 2004
AGTI ( Food and Chemical) , TTU, 2002


Daw Swe Zin Tun received her Bachelor Degree of Chemical Engineering from Technological University (Thanlyin) TTU, Master Degree of Chemical Engineering from Mandalay Technological University (MTU). She performed her graduates study with research related to biomass waste from renewable energy. And thencontinued studying as PhD candidate of Chemical Engineering from Yangon Technological University as also lecturer of West Yangon Technological University. She served as demonstratorat Technological University (Mandalay) in 2008. Now, her responsibilities is lecturer as teaching staff with research activities of chemical engineering department at WYTU since May 2012 to until now. Her interested research area are Biomass and Renewable Energy field, Statistics and Probability, Analytical Chemistry, Thermodynamics, food Processing and Chemical Technology. Her current research focuses on biomass pellet producing process from renewable resources.

Name : Daw Swe Zin Tun
Position : Lecturer
Current Position : Lecturer
Past Positions : AL
Education Background : ME (Chemical Engineering)
Contact Address : Department of Chemical Engineering, WYTU
Contact E-mail [email protected]
Phone No : +95421114752
Research Area
  • Environmental engineering
  • Biomass and Renewable energy
  • Biotechnology
  • Statistics and Probability
  • Analytical chemistry
  • Thermodynamics
  • Food processing
  • Chemical technology


Preparation of Silicon by Calcium Reduction of Purified Rice Husk Ash/SweZinTun and others // 3rd ICSE, 2011,V.2, P.97-101
Kinetic Parameters Estimation of Sawdust by Non-isothermal Thermogravimetric Analysis/SweZinTun,NweNwe Win, SweZin Win// ICBio:Production and Application of Biomaterials,DRI,2018, V.1,P.221-229
Characterization of Rice Husk Pellet produced from a Pellet Mill/ SweZinTun, NweNwe Win,10th TSME, ICoME, 2019,V.10 , P. 2-8