Dr. Aye Aye Thwin

Engineering Mathematics

Department of Engineering Mathematics , West Yangon Technological University


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2001:Bachelor Degree (Hons:) of Mathematics (Hlaing College),
2004: Master Degree of EngineeringMathematics (Yangon University),
2009: Doctor of Philosophy (Mandalay Technological University)


Dr. Aye AyeThwin is a lecturer of Engineering Mathematics Department at West Yangon Technological University. She received the Bachelor Degree (Hons:) in Mathematics from Yangon University,  Myanmar in 2001. She received the Master Degree in Engineering Mathematics from Yangon University, Yangon, Myanmar in 2004 and Doctor of Philosophy in Applied Mathematics from Mandalay Technological University, Mandalay, Myanmar in 2009.In 2005, she joined to the mathematics Department at Technological University (Taungoo) as a Demonstrator and she transferred to the Technological University (Monywa) in 2007 and Mandalay Technological University in June 2009. In July 2016, she transferred to the Technological University (Monywa) as an Assistant Lecturer and she promoted to Lecturer in August 20017. In December 2019, she transferred to the West Yangon Technological University. Her interested research area is Differential Equations in Applied Mathematics. She wrote one technical paper and coauthored one technical paper. Her ongoing research area is Applications of Derivatives in Optimization.
Research Interest
Differential Equations
International Paper
1.     Aye Aye Thwin, Cho Cho San, “Analysis of Tsunami Wave Profiles”29th Asian Conference on Remote Sensing 2008, (ACRS 2008), p-369-375, November 2008,vol 1 of 3, ISBN 978-1-61567-615-6.                                                                  
Coauthored International Paper
Cho Cho San,Aye AyeThwin, ” Analysis of the Hamiltonian Long- Wave Approximations to the Water Wave Problem, “The First International Conference on Science and Engineering, (ICSE 2009), p-199-203, December 2009, vol 2.