Daw Ngu Wah Kyaw

Engineering Chemistry

Department of Engineering Chemistry, West Yangon Technological University

[email protected], [email protected]


BSc (Hons:), MSc (Chemistry) (EYU).


Daw Ngu Wah Kyaw got her Bachelor Degree (Hons:) and Master Degree of Chemistry from University of East Yangon (EYU), Myanmar in 2007 and 2010. She launched as a demonstrator at Technological University (Pathein) in 2009. In 2010, she transferred to Metallurgical Research and Development Centre, Ela, Myanmar. And then, she transferred back to Technological University (Pathein) in 2014. She promoted to assistant lecturer in 2017 and served in teaching services from 2017 to nowadays at West Yangon Technological University. In 2016, she got Foundation of Leadership and Capacity Certificate in Taxila Institute of Youth Leadership & Management. And then, in 2017, she completed Student Evaluation and Teaching Method level 1 & 2 Training. Moreover, in 2019, she served as a moderator in International Conference on Science and Technology for Sustainable Development celebrated in West Yangon Technological University. Now, her responsibilities are teaching services and research activities in this university. Her interested research areas are Inorganic and Physical Fields of Engineering Chemistry and she also interests in Environment and Natural Sciences. Her ongoing researches are “Preparation of Particleboards from Environmental Wastes”.               



Coauthored National Paper and Journal

1. Myint Sandar Win, Saw Win, Ngu Wah Kyaw, “Study of the Effect of Particle Sizes on the    Mechanical and Physical Properties of Single-Layer Particleboard Prepared From Reed (Phragmites - Karka T-rin)”, Journal of Research & Innovation, Volume 2, No.2, p 26-29, Dec 2019.