Daw Naw Phyu Hnin Lwin

Civil Engineering

Department of Civil Engineering,West Yangon Technological University

09 694478457

[email protected], [email protected]


 AGTI (Civil), B.Tech (Civil), BE (Civil) 


Daw Naw Phyu Hnin Lwin is currently an Assistant Lecturer from Department of Civil Engineering at West Yangon Technological University. She passed BEHS from Pathein in 2008. She got AGTI(Civil) from TU(Pathein) in 2010, Bachelor of Technology (Civil) from TU (Pathein) in 2012 and Bachelor of Engineering (Civil) from TU (Pathein) in 2013. She worked as a Demonstrator at TU (Pathein) from November,2014 to July, 2018 for over three years. She is currently studying Master of Engineering in Geotechnical Engineering at Yangon Technological University. Her interested research area is Geotechnical Engineering field and her current research focuses on the effect of deep excavation on the adjacent structures.