Daw Yi Yi Cho

Civil Engineering

Civil Engineering Department

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I have got my AGTI Certificate of Civil Engineering From Government Technological Institute (Wakema)(2003), Bachelor of Technology (B-Tech) Degree of Civil Engineering From Technological university (Maubin) (2006) and got Bachelor of Engineering (BE) Degree of Civil Engineering in this University. I have got the Certificate which is the collaboration of WYTU and Myanmar Engineering Society in 2016 with the heading of Engineering Ethic, Occupational Safety and Health in Professional Development program. Now I am trying Master Engineering (Thesis) in this University. My teacher life start from (19-2-2007) in  Technological University (Pathein). After I had done my responsibility about  six years  , I transferred to Technological University (Maubin). Now my responsibilities is teaching service in this university. My interested research area is Structural Engineering. My current research is Study on Effect of Lateral Load Resisting System in Thirty-Five Storeyed Steel Building Under different Seismic Locations.