Daw Thin Thin Aung

Chemical Engineering

Organic Chemistry, Pulp & Paper

Department of Chemical Engineering, West Yangon Technological University


[email protected]


M.E (Chemical Engineering), TTU
B.E (Chemical Enigneering), TTU


Daw Thin ThinAung is a lecturer from Department of Chemical Engineering at West Yangon Technological University.She is currently teaching services and research activities in this University. Her interested research area is sustainable development and she has published her research studies in the field of Chemical Engineering.
 She got certificate of Plastics and Rubber Engineering in Government Technical Institute (Mandalay) in 1996. And also she got a Bachelor Degree in Chemical Engineering from Technological University ( Thaniyin ) in 2007,Master Degree of Chemical Engineering from Technological University (Thanlyin ) in 2018.
 She served in Government Technical Institute (Insein) as a Demonstrator, Technological University (Thanlyin) asan Assistance Lecturer and Lecturer,and then she transferred to Technological University (Magwe) as Lecturer.Now, she is currently working as a Lecturer at West Yangon Technological University and has got 23-year experience in teaching. She intends to share her knowledge and research activities ongoing assessment
Name : Daw Thin Thin Aung
Position : Lecturer
Current Position : Lecturer
Past Positions : AL
Education Background : M.E (chemical Engineering)
Contact Address : Department of Chemical Engineering, WYTU
Contact E-mail : [email protected]
Phone No : +9595025537
Research Area
  • Plastic and Rubber technology
  • Polymers science
  • Material science
  • Thermodynamics
  • Heat-exchanger design
  • Organic chemistry
  • Food technology


  • Preparation of Silica from Agricultural Leaves Waste by Organic Acid Leaching Treatment / thin thin aung and others // IJSEA (India), 2018, V. 7, Is. 11, P. 448 - 451, ISSN 2319 - 7560 2018
  • Preparation of Silica from Toddy Palm Leaves and Leaves Ash / thin thin aung and others // NCSE (YTU), 2018, V. , P. ,