Daw Su Yi Win Myint

Electronic Engineering

Department of Electronic Engineering, West Yangon Technological University

[email protected]


B.E (EC)


Daw Suyiwinmyint got her Bachelor Degree from Technological University (Sagaing) in 2012.Master Degree in Electronic Engineering is now attending in West Yangon Technological University.She served in Demonstration post at the Technological University (Sagaing) from 25.11.2014 to 12.7.2018.And then, she promoted to Assistant Lecturer post at the West Yangon Technological University from 13.7.2018 to still now.She served in West Yangon Technological University (WYTU) as Assistant Lecturer of Department of Electronic Engineering,teaching services,and research activities in this university.Her interested research area is communication field and her current research is implementation of thresholding scheme for data quality in x-band phase array weather system.