Daw Soe Yu Yu San

Electronic Engineering

Department of Electronic Engineering, West Yangon Technological University

[email protected]


B.E (EC)


Daw Soe Yu Yu San got her bachelor Degree of  Electronic Engineering from Technological University (Pathein) in 2006.She served in the Demonstration post at the Technological University ( Pathein) from  27.11 2008 to 30.4.2010. And then, she promoted to Assistant lecturer served in this post from 3.5.2011 to 4.8.2017at the Pyinsalu GTHS in Ayarwaddy Division and Technological University (Pathein).She promoted to lecturer and she transferred to Technological University (Panglong) from 1.11.2017 to 1.11.2018.Finally she transfer to West Yangon Technological University (WYTU) 1.12.2018 to upto today. 

Now, her responsibilities are Lecturer of Department of Electronic Engineering, teaching services and research activities in this university. Her interested research area are control and communication fields.