Daw Pyae Phyo Zin

Textile Engineering

TE- 5058 Textile Finishing and Printing

Department of Textile Engineering , West Yangon Technological University

+95 9 766468931

[email protected], [email protected]


B.E. (Textile), Technological University (Magway), 2009
M.E.(Course Work), West Yangon Technological University, 2019


My Name is Daw Pyae Phyo Zin. I finished my Bachelor Degree of Textile Engineering from Technological University (Magway) in 2009. I worked as a Demonstrator in Department of Textile at West Yangon Technological University for six and a half years. Then I also worked as a Demonstrator for one and half years in Technological University (Monywa).Now I have been working as an Assistant Lecturer in Department of Textile, WYTU since 2017. My interested research area is Textile Finishing and Dyeing. My current research is Textile Finishing for the Master Degree of Textile Engineering.


Professional Experience 
Academic Year Subjects taught
2010-2012 TE- 3038 Bleaching and Dyeing of Textile Material
2012-2014 TE- 4015 Introduction to Garment Technology
2014-2015 TE- 5026 Textile Testing and Quality Control
2015-2017 TE- 5058 Textile Finishing and Printing

Other Experiences
1. Refresher Course, Yangon Technological University, 2011.