Co-operation of OLTC with Shunt Capacitor Bank for Load Flow Analysis of Ba Yint Naung Substation
                                                          Zin Mar Win#1, Moe Kay Thi Khaing*2
                       #Department of Electrical Power Engineering, West Yangon Technological University Yangon, Myanmar
                                                                    [email protected]
Analysis of load flow is a great importance not only determining the best operation of existing system but also planning and designing for the future expansion of power system. This study will present load flow solutions of Ba Yint Naung Primary Substation distribution system for maximum and minimum load conditions. Various tap position of on load tap changing transformer (OLTC) is selected and calculated voltage, current and power factor. It is also studied co-operation of OLTC and shunt capacitor bank (SC). In this paper, a load flow analysis is conducted by using Gauss-Siedel iterative algorithm and calculations are carried out by using MATLAB software.
Keywords - load flow, voltage profile, on load tap changing transformer, tap position and shunt capacitor, power flow