Design and Analysis of Distribution System of Gas Insulated Switchgear
                                                          May Thu Win Sein#1, Kay Khaing Zaw*2
                          #Department of Electrical Power Engineering, West Yangon Technological University, Myanmar
                                                                   [email protected]
The reliability performance of distribution system of gas insulated switchgear(GIS) is significantly influenced by its ability to achieve rapid restoration of consumers supply and speedy return to normal operation conditions. This paper is intended to calaulate supply and demand power, voltage regulation, line losses and line efficiency. The simulation for distribution system of GIS is expressed by MATLAB R2015a. And then, the result are analysed for circuit breaker, short circuit and arrester of substation. So analysis and calculation of distribution system of GIS intend to protect not only dangers of human being but also materials burning and damage.
Keywords – Distribution System, Primary and Secondary Substations, Hybrid Compact Switchgear, Real Necessary Data, Available Arrester Ratings