Analysis of Reactive Power Compensation by Capacitor Bank for Industrial loads
                                                                          Thida San#1, Min Min Oo*2
                      #Department of Electrical Power Engineering, West Yangon Technological University, Yangon, Myanmar,
                                                                            [email protected]
This paper presents an overview of the state of the art in reactive power compensation technologies by capacitor bank. Reactive power is one of the major concerns which affect the quality of power system in the industrial loads. Reactive power compensation by capacitor bank, improves the power factor, minimizes the losses and increases the efficiency of the system. Two reactive power compensation schemes focused in this paper are distributed and centralized compensation. Analysis on performance of scheme is executed based on bus voltage profiles, power factor improvement and loss reduction. For the completion of this paper, detail study is carried out at No.2 Myaing Galay Cement Factory, Hpa An.
Keywords - Reactive power compensation, Industrial loads, Power factor improvement, Loss reduction, Voltage improvement.