Analysis on Middle Income Families’ Houses in Magway Region
                                                                             Moh Moh#1, Thaw Tar Aung *2, Aye Pearl Win#3
                                        #Department of Architecture, Technological University (Hmawbi)Yangon, Myanmar
                                                                                     [email protected]
This paper addresses the analysis on middle income families’ houses in Yaepoke village (Minbu (Sagu) township, Magway Region) which is situated in the middle part of Myanmar. There are about 420 households in that village. So, the paper presents the living style of people who live in rural area from architectural point of view. A province or region for general study is four selected houses from Yaepoke village, Minbu (Sagu) township, Magway Region. It is find out the architectural aspects of houses for middle income families in Yaepoke village according to the construction materials and techniques.
Keywords- Middle Income Family, House, Village, Rural Area, Construction Materials and Method.