Study on Existing Conditions of Central Area (Pakokku City)
                                                      Thida Oo#1, Nu Nu Aye* 2, Khine Minn Mon#3
                               #Department of Architecture, Technological University (Thanlyin) Yangon, Myanmar
                                                                               [email protected]
This paper presents about the study on existing conditions of central area (Pakokku city). Pakokku is a city in the Magway region. It is the district city, the administrative center. It is situated about 30 km north-west of Bagan. It is one of the twenty four development areas of Myanmar. Pakokku district is a second largest district in Magway region. The population of Pakokku district is 1,005,545 nos and the population of Pakokku city is 90,842 nos according to the census 2014. There are many famous pagodas and Ayeyarwaddy Bridge (Pakokku), the longest bridge in Myanmar. So, Pakokku city is a trade and commerce center in Magway region. And then, the population has gradually increased and the city has grown rapidly. Central area of Pakokku has highly congested and poorly managed in land use. The residential buildings, the social and economic facilities concentrate in the central area. The main focus of this research is to study the physical conditions of central area in Pakokku City.
Keywords— Central area, Study, Pakokku City