Study on Existing Conditions of Riverfront Area (Magway City)
                                                                  Thandar Win#1, Khine Minn Mon#2, Wyityi Win#3
                                       #Department of Architecture, Technological University (Thanlyin) Yangon, Myanmar
                                                                                       [email protected]
The paper shows the study on existing conditions of riverfront area (Magway City). Magway city is one city in Magway Division called the oil pot of Myanmar. It is situated near to Bagan and Peikthano-myo (Vishnu), an ancient city of the Pyu in Taungdwingyi Township. There are landmarks such as Myathalun Pagoda and Ayeyarwaddy Bridge (Magway). In the past, it was a seaport dependent upon the river. The administration, economic, trade, society and tourism of Magway City have rapidly been developed after constructing Ayeyarwaddy Bridge (Magway) in 2002. And then, many universities have also been opened to develop the educational sectors. There are road ways, airway, waterway (cargo and foreigner’s port) and railway for the transportations. It has also been the roads connecting to the Yangon, Mandalay and Naypyitaw. Thus, tourists and citizens are now coming to worship Myathalun Pagoda and see the river’s view. The population has gradually increased within the city according to the above conditions. So, it becomes necessary the public space for the recreation. As a good point to overcome it, it has been located on the east bank of Ayeyarwaddy River, a life blood of Myanmar country. Thus, it possesses many riverfront areas. Riverfront, rivers and water are the significant resources for city’s economy, people’s health, recreations and tourism activities. Riverfront is as a place of public enjoyment. Therefore, the purpose of this paper is to study on existing conditions of the riverfront area in Magway City.
Keywords— Riverfront, Study, Magway City