Architectural Aspects of Myauk Lay Zin Yoke Sone Monastery in Salin, Magway Region
                                                              Zin Mar Phyo #1, Thet Thet Mon *2, Thet Oo #3
                                            #Department of Architecture, West Yangon Technological University, Myanmar
The religious buildings in Myanmar are mainly expressed the splendour of Myanmar Architecture with the respective regions. The distinct types of religious buildings in Myanmar are stupas, temples and monasteries. Stupas and temples are usually built with bricks that meant for enshrining the relics or worshiping the gods, especially Buddha. Monasteries are built with bricks, timbers, bamboos, or thatches that meant for the monks. Thus, the most interesting buildings are monasteries that can be represented the evolutions of building materials and excellent creations of traditional architecture. The research of ‘Architectural aspects of Myauk Lay Zin Yoke Sone Monastery in Salin, Magway region’ is mainly focus on the typical functions of spatial compositions, the compositions of building form, and the details of architectural decorations. Firstly, the study of spatial compositions are emphasis on the architectural spaces of pyatthat-hsaung, sanu-hsaung, and hsaung-ma-gyi. Secondly, the form compositions are approached by the architectural principles of balance and symmetry, harmony, perception and proportions. Finally, the architectural decorations are mainly analysis by the basic ornamentations in Myanmar architecture, mythical and legendary decorations, and narrative decorations.
Keywords – religious buildings, architectural decorations, ornaments, and compositions