The Geospatial Analysis on the Noise Pollution of Road Transportation (Case Study on Hledan Junction to 8 Mile Junction,Yangon, Myanmar)
                                          Khin Mar Yee, Mu Mu Than, Kyi Lint, Marlar Han, Aung Si Thu Thein
                                                         Geography Department, Dagon University
                                                                           [email protected]
The environmental issues of the world are assuming high proportions with antecedent impacts and consequences. Noise pollution is one of the most critical environmental challenges affecting human health. Yangon City is old capital, densely populated and rapid urbanization area of Myanmar. The study area is starting from Hledan Junction to 8 Miles Junction. Primary noise level data are used for this study by using Digital Sound Level Meters. Primary traffic data are used to analysis related variables and manual tally counters are used to get these data. Raw primary data are divided into one-hour interval and to get the noise map of the interval, Inverse Distance Weighting (IDW) function from interpolation method under Spatial Analyst Tools is used. The results of this paper show that the higher level of noise is found in weekday while comparing with weekend. Moreover, this paper pointed out from the view point of public health, exceed threshold level of noise can impact to the people so that the development and mitigation measures plans for noise pollution should be considered by the stakeholder level. On the other hand, noise map should be generated for other urban area to analysis the current noise condition of Yangon City.
Keywords - Noise pollution, environmental challenges, public health