Spatial and Temporal Changes on the Climatic Condition of Myanmar (1971-2015)
                                                                  Kyi Lint, Khin Mar Yee, Mu Mu Than, Marlar Han, PGDGIS’ Candidates
                                                                               Geography Department, Dagon University
                                                                                                    [email protected]
Myanmar is situated in the tropical climate region, a region that is highly vulnerable to impacts from climate change. This paper is observed four climatic parameters to approach for the spatial and temporal changes of climate condition of Myanmar within 45 years from the 62 meteorological stations of Myanmar. The main data of climate parameters were new decadal values for minimum and maximum temperature, rainfall and relative humidity as well as for monsoon onset and withdrawal dates were calculated for the period 1971-2015 for 62 stations. Monthly temperature, annual for rainfall and relative humidity values for the whole country of Myanmar were calculated for the new decadal period (1991-2015) and compared with the values of the previous decadal period (1971-1990), and monsoon onset and withdrawal dates were calculated for the wind direction and wind speed. Preparation of the drawing temperature, rainfall and humidity maps for Myanmar by using interpolation method of GIS applications and data quality control was done by using the RClimDex and wind rose and wind speed was drawn by statistical software R. From 1971-1990 to 1991-2015, the maximum temperature has increased at almost every station of Myanmar, whereas the minimum temperature has decreased for 3 States and 4 Regions and increased for the remaining areas. The relative humidity has increased for most of the stations. Rainfall has increased 6 States and 4 Regions and decreased for Sagaing, Mandalay, Magway and Shan.
Keywords: climate change, temperature, rainfall and humidity, interpolation method