Monitoring and Analysis of the Water Quality of Myitthar River
                                                                        Phyo Wai Thu, Kaung Myat Kyaw, Afia Biak Hta Dim,
                                                        Department of Civil Engineering, Technological University (Kalay),
                                                                             Republic of the Union of Myanmar
                                                                                [email protected]
While water is an essential resource for the existence of both human and other species on the earth, the problems of water scarcity and deteriorating water quality have become more serious around the world. Therefore monitoring of the existing natural rivers is vital to prevent from further deterioration of the water quality. This study aims to monitor and analysis of the water quality of Myitthar River and it runs across 351 km through along the sub boundary of Chin State, Mgwae Region, and Sagaing Region in Myanmar. The water samples are collected from the selected points along Myitthar River for twice a month during summer season and once a month for rainy season. The present study includes the tests for turbidity, temperature and electric conductivity, and the concentration of nitrate, nitrite, phosphate, chlorine, alkaline, iron and pH using photometer with the assist of akvo flow application. The river has high concentration of alkalinity for both summer and rainy season. Biological monitoring is performed for the summer, and it results prove that the river has good condition according to mini Stream Assessment Scoring System (SASS) standard. It can be concluded that the water quality of Myitthar is relatively good in the summer and need to improve to obtain good water condition in the rainy season.
Keywords - akvo flow, Myanmar, Myitthar, photometer, water quality monitoring