Monitoring and Analysis of the Water Quality of Urban Stream (UBoke Creek) in Kalay Township
                                                               Afia Biak Hta Dim, Nwe Thiri Win, Van Naing Maw
                                              Department of Civil Engineering, Technological University (Kalay),
                                                                           Republic of the Union of Myanmar
                                                                                       [email protected]
The streams in urban areas are often spoiled by urban runoff and combined sewer outflows, and these lead to the degradation of stream ecological functioning. The restoration of the urban stream is vital for the sustainable development of the urban area, and monitoring of the water quality is one issue. This study aims to monitor and analysis of the water quality of a small UBoke creek in Kalay township, Sagaing Region. Monitoring is conducted at selected three points along the creek for twice a month in summer and once a month in rainy season. However, the average value of each month will be presented in this study. The present study includes the tests for turbidity, temperature and electric conductivity, and the concentration of nitrate, nitrite, phosphate, chlorine, alkaline, iron and pH using photometer with the assist of akvo flow application. While the temperature of UBoke is in the range of 23 to 32 degree Celsius, the electricity conductivity is between 200 to 390. The average pH value of the river is about 7.5 for the summer, and 8.0 for the rainy season. The concentrations of nitrite and nitrate vary according to the locations and mostly occur in the downtown area, and the average concentration of nitrite is about 0.5 milligram per liter. The creek seems to have high concentration of iron and it is greater than 80 milligrams per liter in rainy season. The concentration of alkalinity is higher in the rainy season. Biological monitoring is performed for the summer, and it results prove that the river fair condition according to mini SASS (Stream Assessment Scoring System) standard. It can be concluded that the water quality of UBoke creek needs to improve for the sustainable development of Kalay township.
Keywords - akvo flow, photometer, urban stream, water quality monitoring