Numerical Simulation Analysis on the Stability of Approach Road Embankment with Locally Fill Materials
                                                     Zin Thu Han1, Hsu Nandar Htun2, Khin Swe Tint3
                                           Department of Civil Engineering, West Yangon Technological University
                                                                    [email protected]
Nowadays, there is a challenge for geotechnical engineers that the safety of earthwork structures such as road embankment and dams. If the shear strength of soil mass is insufficient, it can suffer various damages such as deformation, slip failure and consolidation settlement. Factor of safety is the primary design criteria in stability analysis. The purpose of this study is to determine the sustainability of an approach road embankment with the available fill materials according to the results of the allowable factor of safety and displacement. Proposed fill soil samples are collected from Pathein-Monywa Highway Road (between 76/0 to 78/6 miles).The finite element model has been taken into various hypotheses such as modelling the approach road embankment in different inclinations with different fills, and the water table is considered in change. Plaxis program is used for this analysis. In conclusion, it also presents the suitability of locally fill soils in stability analysis of approach road embankment according to the comparative study with the deformation, factor of safety and excess pore pressure. The degree of slope inclination is increased, factor of safety is decrease. According to the excess pore pressure curves, the consolidation time is decreased when the water table is higher. In collected fill soils, clayey sand (fill 2) is suitable for embankment construction.
Keywords - Stability, factor of safety, excess pore pressure, deformation, fills