Seismic Evaluation of Existing Buildings in Latha Township with Rapid Visual Screening Method
                                              Zwe Yan Aung#1, Min Khant#1, Pyae Phyoe#1, Kaung San Lynn#1,
                                                                                      Hsu Nandar Htun*2
     #Civil Engineering Department, West Yangon Technological University Hlaing Tharyar Township, Yangon Region,      Myanmar
                                                                           [email protected]
Seismic evaluation is very important to know about the current situation of existing buildings in relation to seismic hazards. This paper describes the seismic evaluation of existing buildings in Latha Township and the reason why Latha Township is selected is that there are many old buildings and large population in Latha Township. In this study, buildings are identified, screened and listed by using RVS method. RVS is a procedure that depend on a Data Collection Survey which includes visual observation of existing buildings from the exterior and the interior. Seismic capacity of each building is evaluated on the basis of building type, geometric irregularities, and site soil conditions. Large number of buildings is assessed economically because RVS screening can be done quickly. From the RVS assessment, seismic performance of existing buildings in Latha Township have been established. This study has a potential to improve in preparing seismic mitigation program and developing building specific vulnerability information.
Keywords - RVS, visual observation, building type, geometric irregularities, site soil conditions, building specific vulnerability information