Comparison of Soil Improvement Behaviors on Clayey Silt Soil by applying Plaxis 2D
                                                           Wint Thandar Aye1, Hsu Nandar Htun2, Khin Swe Tint3
                                             Department of Civil Engineering, West Yangon Technological University
                                                                                 [email protected]
In this research, when the processes of construction work were performed on clayey silt soil under embankment, the weakness of subsoil condition can be found. The weakness of clayey silt is necessary to use stone column which is one of a ground improvement techniques. The stone column is caused to use on three factors which are the stiffness of material, the densification of surrounding soil during the installation of stone column and the acting as a vertical drains. In this study, PLAXIS 2D is used for analysis of the behaviours on clayey silt under embankment with three conditions of ground water table. When the analysis results of with and without soil improvement were compared, the deformation (settlements) are decreased , the consolidation rate is increased and the factor of safey is reached to the allowable limits under the soil improvement condition.
Keywords - stone column, embankment, settlement, pore water pressure, factor of safety