SEISMIC ANALYSIS OF MOMENT RESISTING STEEL FRAME
                                                                          Hsu Nandar Htun#1, Dr. Khin Thanda Htun*2
                                                                             Lecturer, Civil Engineering Department,
                                                               West Yangon Technological University, Yangon, Myanmar
                                                                                         [email protected]
The steel structural building is mostly interested and become popular in Myanmar because of the light weight of structure, lower cost, its less construction time, high strength and sustainability of steel. Besides, the earthquake resistance and performance analysis has been improved to resist the damages caused by earthquakes. Lateral stability is important for the steel structures in the seismic zones. Effective way to increase the lateral strength is by means of moment resisting system. An attempt is made to analyze the effect of seismic force on rectangular shaped, plus shaped and rectangular with hollow space shaped steel framed buildings. The buildings are modeled and analyzed by using ETABS. Analysis is carried out by Equivalent Lateral Force Method.
Keywords: Lateral Stability, Seismic Force, Moment Resisting System, Steel Framed buildings, Equivalent Lateral Force Method