Study on Planning and Scheduling of One Stop Service Centre Project
                                                                          Aye Thu Mon1, Soe Sandar Htun2
                                          Department of Civil Engineering, West Yangon Technological University Yangon, Myanmar
                                                                              [email protected]
Planning and Scheduling has become a major concept to be considered for a smooth execution of construction works. Effective planning with systematic application of project management skills and techniques is indispensable in order to overcome the problems faced in the construction works. In this study, the actual work done schedule of One Stop Service Centre construction project has been analysed. Then, the schedule is modified by using the proper management software such as Microsoft Project. Based upon the calculated data, a network diagram is prepared by using Critical Path Method as well as the relations are also assigned to Work Packages with respective resources to calculate critical path. Management techniques for time schedule, manpower requirement of skilled labour and unskilled labour with appropriate equipment and machines are applied to provide working schedule.
Keywords – Project Management, Microsoft Project Software, Critical Path Method, Work Packages