Seismic Response Control of Steel Frame Building Using  Fluid Viscous Damper
                                                               Swe Swe Khaing , Dr. Nay Myo Kyaw Thu
                                              Dept of Civil Engineering, Pyay Technological University, Pyay, Myanmar,
                                                                       [email protected]
This paper presents comparative study on seismic response of fifteen-storeyed steel frame building using fluid viscous damper (FVD). The proposed building is located in seismic zone 3. It is a rectangular shaped building and its occupancy is residential. All steel structural members are designed according to AISC 360-05 and reinforced concrete is designed according to ACI 318-08. Fluid viscous dampers are designed by FEMA 356. Load consideration is based on UBC-97 and ASCE 7-05. The frame type of proposed building used is special steel moment resisting frame (SMRF). In this study, response spectrum analysis is used for dynamic analysis. The analysis and design of structure is carried out by using STADD-Pro software. Earthquakes are one of the major natural hazards in the world. Three basic technologies are used to reduce seismic effect. These are base isolation, passive energy dissipation devices and active control devices. In this paper, the passive energy dissipation device, fluid viscous dampers are studied in details. Damping devices have been developed in order to reduce effectively the seismic response of structures subjected to earthquake forces. The properties of fluid viscous damper used in this study are C=1384 kip-sec/in, V=15.28 in-rad/sec and F=94137 KN. Base on damper force, the number of required dampers are 64. Fluid viscous dampers are provided at the X and Z-direction bracing in model M-I. The other models M-II, M-III are provided at the Z-direction and M-IV is provided at the X-direction. The results of the maximum storey displacement of the structures due to the added damper can be reduced. This paper describes the results of storey drift and displacements are compared with and without damper.
Keywords- Response Spectrum Analysis, Steel Frame Building, Fluid Viscous Damper, Storey Drift, Displacements