Road traffic accidents occur worldwide, but the incidence is more in developing countries. Concentrated road traffic accidents, known as black spot locations, are used to found on every High-way. It is urgently needed to do identification of road sections characterized by high-risk accidents so that the potential preventive measures could be suggested for the road safety management process. In this study, the severity of accident records occurring in the range of 264 miles on the Myeik-Ye Highway was analysed. Accidents severity such as fatal, injury, and property damage were gathered as secondary data from respective authority, and analysed them by using accident frequency method, accident point weightage method, and hazardous index. Statistical modelling approach by Poisson regression was used to determine the influence of cases of accidents and to assess the safety performance on the crash frequency Accident severity index also investigated and the preventive measurement was suggested. In four years of study, there has been shown a total of 741 accidents. Among them, the approximately 15% of total accidents were found as property damage only, about 74% of  the total were found as injury accidents, and 41% were fatal accidents. From the result, it was known that there would be some factors that could lead to higher cause of accidents, such as higher superelevation, unpaved shoulder, no safety guard, no rumble strip, and no warning signs and no pavement marking. It could also be suggested that traffic volume, road network types, weather and time would have been the major factors affecting the number of accidents.