Water distribution systems are ordinally designed to adequately satisfy the water requirements for a combination of domestic, non-domestic, industrial and fire demand. The main objective is to study the design of the water distribution system of Nyaungdon to get appropriate quantity and pressure. Water distribution system design for (1,2,3,8)wards of Nyaungdon, Ayeyarwaddy region in this paper. Pan Hlaing river is used as source of water supply system. Design period is taken about 20 years and geometric increase method is used to estimate the future population for Nyaungdon. Water consumption is assumed as 30 gpcd and the existing population of Nyaungdon is 9465.EPANET 2.0 software is used in designing of pipe lines network plan. Grid iron system is used as the method of layout of distribution system. The diameters of distribution pipes (PVC) are 6 inches for main and 3 inches for submain. In this study, water will be supplied to the consumers by intermittent system. In the intermittent system, water is available to the consumers for 4 hours of a day. The calculated results are finally checked by Hardy Cross Method.