Preparation of Activated Charcoal from Waste Tires for Colour Removal of Textile Waste Water
Su Latt Khin#1, Hsu Myat Htwe*2, Khin Muyar Latt#3 #
Chemical Engineering Department, West Yangon Technological University Yangon, Myanmar [email protected] [email protected] [email protected]
In this paper was conducted to colour removal from textile waste water using activated carbon prepared from waste tires. Activated carbon was prepared with various temperature, time and the ratio of carbon to sodium hydroxide (w/v). The response surface methodology (RSM) technique was used for the valuable parameters of the preparation of activated carbon such as temperature of 550°C to 650°C, time of 60 to 120 minutes and carbon to sodium hydroxide (w/v) ratio of 3 to 5.The optimum condition for preparation of activated carbon were obtained from temperature of 550°C, time of 80 minutes and the ratio of carbon to sodium hydroxide (w/v) 1:3.8 and carbonization respectively and these conditions obtained 94.17% of optimum colour removal.
Keywords – Activated carbon, colour removal, RSM, textile waste, optimum