Agricultural Waste as Adsorbent for the Removal of Toxic Heavy Metals
Yee Yee Than Department of Chemistry, Kyaing Tong University Kyaing Tong Township, Myanmar [email protected] 
In this work, the agricultural waste such as bagasse, jatropha curcas stalk and dry bamboo leaf were be used as adsorbent for the removal of toxic heavy metals from wastewater. The alginate biocomposite beads (Bagasse-calcium alginate , Jatropha curcas calcium alginate and bamboo leaf calcium alginate) which were prepared by the association of bagasse waste powder, Jatropha curcas powder, bamboo leaf powder and calcium alginate via sodium alginate.  The prepared biosorbent beads (Calcium Alginate Beads, BagasseCalcium Alginate Beads, Jatropha curcas- Calcium Alginate Beads and Bamboo Leaf- Calcium Alginate Beads) were used for the removal of lead, copper and chromium from industrial wastewater. The prepared biosorbent beads were quantitatively characterized by effect of pH, contact time between adsorbent and adsorbate and dosage of adsorbent. The biocomposite beads were found to be effective in its exchange and removal capacity towards the toxic heavy metal such as lead, copper and chromium.
Keywords: biosorbent beads, chromium, copper, effective, lead