Preliminary Study on the Process of Nickel-Gold Plating and Direct Gold Plating on Copper Substrate
Shwe Wut Hmon Aye
Department of Metallurgical Engineering and Materials Science, West Yangon Technological University Yangon Myanmar [email protected] 
The process of gold plating on nickel plated copper substrate and directly plated on copper substrate were studied with different thickness. The purpose of the study was to know two plating process systematically and to give good suggestions for gold plating applications which require high resistance for tarnishing or oxidation in atmospheric condition. In nickel plating, optimum plating current density 6A/dm2 was observed to get the highest cathodic current efficiency. 5 micron nickel thickness was most suitable for barrier layer. In gold coating, the proper plating current density was very important to get the smooth and homogeneous coating surface. In this work, there is no corrosion products was observed in gold coating surface after 30 days corrosion test in 3.5wt% saline solution.
Keywords – gold, nickel, plating, corrosion, gilding