An Environmental Management System for Cool Storage, Fish Milling and Fish Meal Industry 
Nyunt Nyunt Htay1, Khin Maung Win2 1Department of Textile Engineering, West Yangon Technological University Yangon, Republic of the Union of Myanmar  [email protected]  [email protected]
Since the cool storage, fish milling and meal industry can cause pollution of air, water and solid waste as the other industries, it should be controlled carefully. This research focused on the survey of the Initial Environmental Review (IER), the evaluation of environmental impact and development of environmental management manual at a cool storage, fish milling and fish meal industry (Pyi Lone Chan Thar), Shwe Pyi Thar Township of Yangon Region. Moreover, the questionnaire survey related to the general information of Environmental Management System (EMS) was accomplished by interviewing with the manager who has currently responsibility for this industry. The impacts of cool storage, fish milling and fish meal industry’s manufacturing process were analyzed and evaluated based on the data from IER survey, criteria for the evaluation of environmental impact and ranking system of environmental impact evaluation. According to the results of IER survey, even though the staffs and employees do not have the knowledge of environmental management system (EMS), they are able to reduce the pollution from their industry by adopting waste management, energy conservation, and water reusing process in their industry. They expect to get governmental or non-governmental assistances e.g. technical and financial supporting, awareness programs, effective management, monitoring and auditing processes, etc. in order to implement successfully the EMS in their industry. Finally, the environmental management manual is described in this research to start applying the EMS in their industry and work progressively towards the successful EMS implementation. 
Keyword – Cool Storage, Fish Milling and Fish Meal Industry, Evaluation of Environmental Impacts, Environmental Management Manual, Environmental Management System