Prediction of Solar Radiation in Different Methods and Validation with Experiment Data from Automatic Weather Station
Thazin Hlaing Department of Mechanical Engineering, West Yangon Technological University Yangon, Myanmar [email protected]
Prediction of solar incident radiation plays a crucial role in solar energy applications. The solar radiation is usually estimated by using different methods, but it has been a big challenge to investigate the exact values. In this regard, this paper aimed to predict solar radiation with different methods and the results were compared with the experimental results from the Automatic Weather Station. In this paper, direct, diffuse, beam and total radiations were calculated for some days in March and April, 2019.In this paper, one method from Hottel and two methods from ASHRAE for prediction solar incident radiations were analysed. Analysis was conducted for five days and compared with the results from Automatic Weather Station. Among them, Hottel method could reach the reasonable results when the results were compared with experimental results. This paper intends to find the best way to predict solar incident radiations in targeted area for solar related projects. This research, to some extent, could contribute to the solar resource assessment for selected site location.
Keywords - solar incident radiation, prediction, methods, resource assessment, site location.