Design and Structural Analysis of Cross-flow Turbine Runner Blade Using AISI 1020
Khin Sandar Soe Naing Department of Mechanical Engineering, West Yangon Technological University Yangon, Myanmar [email protected]
Electricity is essential for developing country. Nowadays, hydraulic turbines are widely used to generate electricity in all over the world. Due to simple design, easy to maintain and low initial investment, the cross-flow turbine is suitable in micro and mini hydro-power plants to produce electricity. The runner is the most important part in cross-flow turbine. In this paper, the runner for 50kW cross-flow turbine is designed under net head of 17 m and flow rate of 0.48m3/s. The main objective of this paper is to design the model of runner blade for 50kW cross-flow turbine and to analyse the von-Mises stress and effective strain on a runner blade. AISI 1020 or mild steel is used for runner blade because of high strength and corrosion resistance. The design parameters were calculated such as runner diameter, runner length, runner speed, radius of blade curvature, blade pitch, number of blades and shaft diameter. The design of blade model and structural analysis on a runner blade has been performed using Autodesk Inventor Software in this paper.   Keywords – 50kW, Runner blade, Head, Flow rate, Structural analysis, AISI 1020