Design and Simulation of Submersible Pump (impeller) by Using Analytical and Computational Methods  
Nan Mya Nu Khine Tun Department of Mechanical Engineering, West Yangon Technological University,  Yangon, Myanmar [email protected]
Nowadays, submersible pump is a very useful turbomachinery in pump industry. A wide variety of submersible pump types have been constructed and used in agricultural process. However, the published research papers of their designs and performance predictions are rarely found. In this study, the design parameters of submersible pump blade were calculated by applying analytical and computational methods. The design parameters of submersible pump are surveyed from Hlaing River Water Pumping Project (Thapyay Tan). And also the calculations of the blade design and guide vane parameters were conducted. CFD analysis was done by using COMSOL Multi-physics software for the selection of airfoil or hydrofoil. The blade profile geometry was drawn in Solid Works by using calculated design parameters. The results are quite satisfied when comparing with those from the existing design. So, it can be seen that the paper could help to make the development of submersible pump design.
Keywords – submersible pump; blade; airfoil; guide vane; COMSOL