16 kW Micro-grid Solar Power Project for Data Analysis of  West Yangon Region  
May Than Naing  Department of Electrical Power Engineering,  West Yangon Technological University, Myanmar [email protected]  
Demand of electrical energy from renewable energy sources is popular at the time. Data concerned with available electric power from the solar energy of given region should be known before a solar power system project has been started.  A 16 kW micro-grid solar power project was constructed in West Yangon Technological University to support the required data for solar power system project in West Yangon region. In the micro-grid solar power project, solar modules are oriented south facing and at a fixed tilt angle of 15˚ which is set to maximize the average energy collected over a year. Monocrystalline and polycrystalline silicon are used in the solar modules. Inverter of Solarlink PV-C103LF, power conditioning system (PCS) and PV junction box with function of monitoring and control units. Data of string voltage and current, temperature, humidity, wind speed, pressure level, and irradiation can be collected for hourly. In this study, the relationship of solar module temperature and module output voltage, time of a day generating peak module output voltage for each month, and irradiation and output power are analyzed and presented. As the project is in West Yangon region, the data from the project is applicable for other project in vicinity of West Yangon region.
Keywords – Irradiation, micro-grid solar project, and module temperature