Preparation of Activated Carbon by Using Chemical Treatment Method
                                                                            Seinn Lei Lei Phyu#1, Shwe Sin Winn*2
                                                           Department of Industrial Chemistry, West Yangon University
                                                                                    [email protected]
Corn is a significant crop all around the world. Asia is the second major production region. The corncob is the waste generated during processing corn. It is proposed to convert corncob into activated carbon, which is very useful to treat the dye effluent from wastewater. In this project work activated carbon was prepared from corncobs. Fresh, air-dried, corncobs were firstly cracked and crushed and then carbonized in a muffle furnace at 500 dC for about 10 minutes. The carbonized corncobs were activated by using chemical treatment method. In this research, activation was carried with sulphuric acid and nitric acid of (0.5 M, 1.0 M, 1.5 M, 2.0 M concentrations). The corncob carbonized carbons were also activation with alkalis (NaOH, KOH) of (0.5M. 1.0 M and 1.5 M). Then, the physical and chemical properties of activated carbon were determined and applied in removal of iron from water.
Keywords-Carbonization, Activation, Corncobs, Activated Carbon, Iron Content