Nutritional and Functional Properties Profiles of Rice Based Instant Weaning Food Fortified with Green Gram and Cashew Nut
                                                                                       Thiri Zaw #1, San Myint *2
                                   #* Department of Chemical Engineering, Yangon Technological University, East Gyogone, Insein  Township, Yangon, Myanmar
                                                                                       [email protected]
The nutritional and functional properties of instant weaning food developed using Paw San Hmwe rice, green gram and cashew nut were investigated. Three instant weaning food formulae were developed with different weight ratios of locally available high quality rice, green gram and cashew nut, Formula I (3:1.5:1), Formula II (2:1:1) and Formula III (3:1:1) respectively. The results of nutritional values revealed that the moisture content (5.58 to 8.4%), crude protein (14.68 to 15.09%), ash (1.23 to 1.46%), crude fiber (0.07 to 0.37%), fat (9.10 to 10.59%) and carbohydrate (63.93 to 69.34%) which were within the range of the standard specifications for weaning foods. Calculated values for total energy provided by the weaning formulations ranged from (415 to 427) kcal/100g dry matter. Results on functional values determination showed that the three formulated instant weaning foods had high bulk density range (0.64-0.77 g/ml). and their pH values were between 6 and 7. The formulated instant weaning food had low water absorption capacity (1 to 3%) and high dispersibility percentages (60 to 74%). The results of viscosity value of three formulated instant weaning food indicated that all 5%, 10% and 15% instant weaning food gruel concentrations were in the viscosity range (2.9-83 cP) and these low viscosity gruel solutions were acceptable for infants. Comparing the formulated diets favourably with the standards FAO/WHO values, it can be concluded that weaning food containing 54.55 wt (%) rice, 27.27 wt (%) green gram and 18.18 wt (%) cashew nut was found to have satisfactory functional characteristics and nutritive value and can be supplied in order to prevent the infant’s malnutrition and minimize the infant’s mortality rate.
Keywords - Paw San Hmwe rice, green gram, cashew nut, nutritional value, functional properties