Preparation and Characterization of Torrefied Pellets from Rice Straw
                                                              Mya Ei Phyo#1, Mu Mu Aye#2, Ni Ni Myint#3
                                   Department of Chemical Engineering, West Yangon Technological University Yangon, Myanmar
                                                                    myaeiphyo,[email protected]
Rice straw is an abundant agricultural biomass resource in Myanmar. Torrefied rice straw pellets are the type of solid fuel, which are utilized as renewable energy to alleviate current energy and environment problems. Torrefaction is a thermal pretreatment process heated in the temperature range of 200–300°C under an inert atmosphere. This work is the preparation of torrefied pellets from rice straw by using torrefaction and pelletization processes and adding a certain proportional of economic additives, such as rice starch (RS) and waste engine oil (WEO). Temperature and reaction time were varied for this work. For the torrefaction of rice straw, temperatures variables are 200°C, 240°C and 260°C with two different reaction times (15min and 30min) in muffle furnace. And the torrefied rice straw was placed in mould and it was pelletized by using heating press. The properties of torrefied rice straw pellet were analyzed with calorific value, moisture content, ash content, volatile matter, and fixed carbon. The gross calorific value was measured by using Bomb calorimeter. According to these investigations, the highest calorific value (23.37 MJ/Kg) was given by 10% WEO and 5% RS at 240°C, 15 min.
Keywords - Rice straw, torrefied pellets, torrefaction, calorific value, pelletization