Study on the Upgrading and Production of Magnesium Oxide from Dolomite Ore
                                                                    Ngu lay War # 1, Waing Waing Kay Khine Oo*2
  #Department of Metallurgical Engineering &Materials Science, West Yangon Technological University,Hlaing Thar Yar, Yangon, Myanmar
                                                                                                     [email protected]
The aim of this study was upgrading dolomite ore by using flotation process and production of magnesia by flocculation and calcination processes. The dolomite ore about (21.7 % MgO) was used in this study. The minerals used in the flotation process was (-75 μ).in particles size. The result of flotation concentrate was found as 17.5 % Mg and 18.0 % Ca. In flocculation, the seawater was used as solution and dolime as solute. The magnesium hydroxide 57.12 percent and the calcium hydroxide 29.42 percent were obtained after flocculation. And then, the calcination process was carried out .After calcination process, the calcined dolomite ore were 77 % magnesium oxide. The magnesium oxide (55.3%) was increased and the calcium oxide (17.76%) was decreased due to the calcination. According to results obtained, the magnesium oxide was upgraded by using flotation, flocculation and calcination processes. Finally, the upgraded magnesium oxide was suitable for use as the production of refractory brick and magnesium extraction plant
Keywords - Calcinations, Dolomite, Flotation, Flocculation, Magnesium oxide