Investigation on the Treatment of Eco-friendly Functional Finishes on Cotton Fabric Using Java Plum ( Syzygium  Cumini (L.) ) Leaf Extract
                                                Hnin Thiri Khin1, Kyi Pyar Win2, Su Sandar Aung3
                             Department of Textile Engineering, West Yangon Technological University
                                                       Yangon, Republic of the Union of Myanmar
                                                                 [email protected]
The present study is conducted to investigate the functional properties on cotton fabric treated with Java Plum Leaves extract as antibacterial and UV protective agents. Java Plum Leaves powder are extracted with methanol solvent by soxhlet extraction method. Phytochemical test on Java Plum Leaves extract indicated the presence of main compounds such as tannin, phenols, flavonoids and saponin which give the antibacterial activity and protect the UVA and UVB radiation. In the first stage, finishing treatment is carried out on cotton fabric with different concentrations of Java Plum Leaves extract such as 5%,7%,9% (o. w. f) and 10 g/l of magnesium chloride as a catalyst by means of pad-dry-cure method using laboratory thermosol range. In this case, the material to liquor ratios used are 1:5 and 1:10. Then, the treated samples are tested and analysed to focus the functional properties such as antibacterial activity and UV protective property, and the physical properties. The antibacterial activity on treated fabrics are evaluated using qualitative agar well diffusion method and ultraviolet protective property is determined by measuring the transmission percentage of ultraviolet radiation through the specimen using UV/VIS/NIR Lambda 950 Perkin Elmer. On the basic of experimental results, it can be ascertained that the Java Plum extract is suitable to utilise as antibacterial and UV protective agent on cotton fabric.
Keywords: Soxhlet Extraction, Java Plum Leaves Extract, Cotton Fabric, Pad-dry-cure, Antibacterial activity, UV Protective Property