Influence of Chitosan Post Treatment on Properties of Natural Dyed Cotton Fabric
                                                         Thin Sandar Oo1, Htay Htay2, Oo Oo Khin3
   Department of Textile Engineering, West Yangon Technological University Yangon, Republic of the Union of Myanmar
                                                                  [email protected]
This research is concerned with the examination of the influence of chitosan post treatment on properties of dyed cotton fabric. In this research, natural dye was extracted from leaves of Indian almond in water medium. Then, cotton fabric was dyed with the extracted natural dye liquor and cold dyeing method was used for dyeing operation. After that, dyed cotton fabric was treated with three different concentrations of chitosan and pad-dry-cure method was used for chitosan treatment. The colour yield, colour difference and fastness properties of dyed sample and chitosan post treated dyed samples were analysed and evaluated. The effect of chitosan concentration on dye absorption of samples was also investigated. All the chitosan post-treated dyed samples had higher colour saturation compared with ordinary dyed sample and fabric treated with 1.5% chitosan had higher K/S value. The effect of natural dye extract and chitosan post treatment on physical properties of ordinary dyed sample and chitosan post treated dyed samples were also examined. There was no strength loss and even increase in strength due to the chitosan post treatment. However, chitosan post treated dyed samples were stiffer than the ordinary dyed sample.
Keywords – cotton, chitosan, dye, colour saturation