Fingerprint Recognition System Using Minutiae Extractor and Back-Propagation Neural Network
                                                        Yin Moe Hlaing1, Hnin Lelt Win2, Nay Win Zaw3
   123 Department of Electronic Engineering, West Yangon Technological University Republic of the Union of Myanmar
                                                                 [email protected]
Fingerprint recognition is one of interesting and mature biometric technique for personal identification or authentication application. The objective of the work is to retrieve personal data by using fingerprint. In this paper, fingerprint of a person is captured via DigitalPersona U.are.U 4500 fingerprint scanner. The input fingerprint is firstly enhanced using contrast stretching and two morphological operations (dilation and erosion). Next, 160x160 size of centre region of the fingerprint is cropped and extracted minutiae such as ridges and bifurcations. These minutiae are used as the features of a particular fingerprint. These features are put into the Neural Network for person recognition. Various experiments will confirm and prove the accuracy and performance of the proposed fingerprint recognition system.
Keywords – Fingerprint Recognition, Minutiae Extractor, Neural Network, Ridges and Bifurcations