Objects Segmentation Algorithms for Vision Based Object Sorting Robotic Arm
                                                      Htike Shwe Sin*1, Nay Win Zaw*2, Kyu Kyu Thin*3
                 Electronic Engineering Department, West Yangon Technological University Republic of the Union of Myanmar
                                                                      [email protected]
In present day vision based robots are very popular as it has been helped to reduce labours requirement and dangerous condition in industry field. Most of the vision systems are based on image processing algorithms. So, powerful image processing systems are need to be developed. In this paper presents a smart approach for a real time inspection and selection of objects. The methods are segmentation of objects based on colour, which are provided by MATLAB software. This result supports for object sorting robot and many options of vision based system.
Keywords— MATLAB, USB Camera, RGB Image, Binary Image, Gary Scale Image.