Attitude Control System of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle using Classical PID Method
                                                                                               Thwe Zin Oo
                                        Department of Electronic Engineering, West Yangon Technological University,
                                                                                             Hlaing Thar Yar
                                                                                       [email protected]
Small Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (SUAVs) have proved in very important role in military and commercial application around the world. A pilot can remotely controlled UAVs at a station on ground (GCS) or they can be controlled autonomously according to pre-determined paths. This paper focus on the altitude control system of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (Blue Bird UAV). Today, many aircraft control system and process control industries are employing classical controller to improve the system performances. To improve the system stability, PID controller is used in this paper. Firstly, a mathematical modelling of the unmanned aerial vehicle and derivation of equation of motion and then derives the transfer functions for Longitudinal system of aircraft. The transfer function is checked whether the system is stable or not by using MATLAB program. To achieved better stability response, controller will be chosen by using various controller such as P controller (Proportional), PI Controller (Proportional Integral), PD controller (Proportional Derivativities) and PID controller (Proportional Integral Derivative). From these controller, PID controller is chosen because of the best stability responses for all transfer functions of system dynamics. And then, the best controller gain is chosen for stability system of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle.
Keywords - Unmanned Aerial Vehicle, Longitudinal, Stability Response, PID, MATLAB