Arduino Based Hybrid Charge Controller for Solar-Wind Renewable Power System
                                                     Soe Sandar Hlaing#1 , Nay Win Zaw#2 , Thwe Zin Oo#3
           Department of Electronic Engineering, West Yangon Technological University , Yangon , Myanmar
                                                                         [email protected]
Renewable energy sources are very useful for electricity production because they have unlimited and sufficient input power sources and also has a large demand to reduce of environmental pollution and greenhouse effects that are caused by mean of the conventional energy resources . But the problem with the renewable energy systems is its intermittent availability. Hybrid power system is the combination of one or more renewable sources such as solar and wind, which designed to get the input power from more than one sources .This paper presents the design and implementation of charge controller for combination of solar and wind turbine renewable hybrid power system. The voltage generated from the PV and wind turbine will be recorded and compared with the battery voltage in any time. If either battery voltage is insufficient for load system or less than both of solar and wind voltage, new charging system is reliable and able to charge the battery at optimum power. If one of the voltage which generated from solar and wind is less than that of battery, battery will be charged by mean of larger one. When both of two renewable sources cannot generate the require voltage, charging system is not occurred.
Keywords-Solar Power System, Wind Power System, Wind Turbine , Power MOSFET, Arduino UNO