Improvement of Power Flow Control in Power System Using Thyristor Controlled Series Capacitor (TCSC)
                                                                 Aye Aye Mon#1, Khin Thuzar Soe#2
                        #Department of Electrical Power Engineering, West Yangon Technological University
                                                                 [email protected]
Today’s modern electric power utilities are growing as loads and demand have being increased, and the system stability is more difficult to control. FACTS devices play an important role in the power transmission system. TCSC is one of the important family members of FACT. In general, TCSC is installed over a long transmission lines to enhance controllability, reduce transmission losses and improve power transfer capability. The steady state model of Thyristor Control Series Capacitor is used for evaluating their range of power flow control for transmission lines. The TCSC model is an application of a power electronic device used to control the power flow. In this paper, the performance of TCSC is analyses and compares its simulated result with and without TCSC controller for better power flow control in power system.
Keywords—FACTS Devices, TCSC, Power flow control, Stability, power transfer capability