Design and Analysis of Power Distribution system for W.Y.T.U
                                                                    Phyu Phyu Khine#1, Naung Cho Wynn*2
                                   #Department of Electrical Power Engineering,West Yangon Technological University, Myanmar
                                                                    [email protected]
West Yangon Technological University utilized 250kVA transformer. But this transformer is not sufficient because the improvement numbers of new department, new computer room, and new communication hall. So 250kVA transformer is needed to insert other higher rating. This paper shows the existing distribution system of W.Y.T.U. And then, calculation of illumination for each room is included. Moreover, the values of the load data and the current rating for each room are calculated to choose breaker size and conductor size. In selection, the correct rating of breaker and the correct size of conductor must be chosen to protect from both overload and short circuit. In W.Y.T.U distribution system also contains the require components of distribution system, such as lightning arrester, disconnecting switch, cut out fuse, breaker, and concrete pole.
Keywords - Illumination requirement, Conductor sizing, Breaker sizing, Demand factor, Coincidence factor