Department of Textile Engineering
                                                                              2017-2018 Academic Year
                                                                                 Graduation Thesis Title

No Roll No Name Thesis Title         Field of Study
1 VI.Tx-1 မအေးသီရိအောင် Method Comparison of Cotton Dyeing with Dragon Fruit (Hyloereus)Peel Finishing and Dyeing
2 VI.Tx-2 ‌ေမာင်ကောင်းထက်လှိုင် Renovation on Performance of Traditional handloom for Narrow Width Fabric Weaving
3 VI.Tx-3 မမြတ်သီရိထွဋ်
4 VI.Tx-4 ‌ေမာင်ပိုင်မင်းထက်
5 VI.Tx-5 ‌ေမာင်သန်းထွဋ်ဦး Effect of Mordanting Methods on Properties of Dyed Cotton Fabrics with Mangosteen(Garcinia Mangosteen l)Peel Finishing and Dyeing
6 VI.Tx-6 ‌ေမာင်ဝေလွင်ဦး Fabrication on Four Colours Manual Screen Printing Press Printing
7 VI.Tx-9 ‌ေမာင်ကျော်စိုးဦး
9 VI.Tx-13 ‌ေမာင်ထက်နေဦး
10 VI.Tx-7 မထက်ထက်စိုး Eco-friendly Dyeing of Cotton Fabric with a Natural Dye  From Bamboo
(Bambusa vulgaris) Leaf
Finishing and Dyeing
11 VI.Tx-8 မမိုးသူဟန် A Study on the Colour Development on Nylon Fabric Dyed with Palash Flower (Buteamonosperma) Finishing and Dyeing
12 VI.Tx-10 ‌ေမာင်စောထီးမူ Comporision of properties of Cotton Fabric Dyed with Betel Nut
(Areca Nut)With and Without Dyeing Auxiliaries
Finishing and Dyeing